Sintered Porous Surface (SPS) Tubes and High-flux Heat Exchangers

Heat Transfer Mechanism and Type

· Strong Metallurgical Bond of Porous Coating and Base Tube

· High Porosity Coating

· Interconnected Channels

· Significantly Enhanced Boiling Heat Transfer

· Flute Changes Liquid Film Distribution

SPS Tube Solutions
  • ID Coated

    OD Bare or Fluted, Vertical Exchangers Only

    OD Coated

    ID Bare or Finned, Horizontal Exchangers Only

    Tube Material

    Copper, Copper-nickel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low Temperature Steel, and Heat-resistant Steel, etc.

  • Tube Form

    Straight or U-shaped

  • ID Coated

    No greater than 6.5m for its length

    OD Coated

    No greater than 25m for its length

    Supply Duration:typically 6-8 months

    Custom configurations can also be considered depending on the project specifications and customer requirements

Features and Advantages of Heat Exchangers with SPS Tubes

High Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient

Reduced Number of Shells and / or Smaller Equipment

Stable Operation at low LMTD

Energy Savings Through Improved Heat Integration or Multiple Effect Evaporation

Increase Production Capacity (Revamp / DeBottlenecking)

Recovery Waste Heat to Generate Higher Value Stream

Typical Applications and References

Successfully applied to almost 300 Heat Exchangers covering more than 80 process units

  • Aromatics Complex

    · Raffinate, Extract Column Reboiler

    · Benzene, Toluene, Xylene Column Reboiler

    · Stream Generators-(Heavy Aromatics, Raffinate, Extract)

    · Reformate Splitter Reboiler

  • Oil Refining

    · Depentanizer, Dehexanizer Column Reboiler

    · Stabilizer Column Reboiler

    · Desorption Column Reboiler

  • Olefins

    · Propylene-Propane Splitter Reboilers/Condenser

    · Depropanizer Heat Recovery Reboiler

  • EO/EG

    · Multiple Effect Evaporator Reboilers

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